Enterprise Architecture as a Service

The Challenge

Eliden’s ‘Architecture as a Service’ delivers a modular and cost-effective solution to your architecture challenges. Our service is designed for flexibility, allowing you to pinpoint the specific business or technical areas requiring support. Our bespoke tools and processes allow us to ‘hit the ground running’ rapidly providing insights and or solutions, customised for diverse audience types and industry sectors. This approach ensures that both business and technology teams have the necessary information to make well-informed decisions. We recognise the pivotal role that a ‘well-tuned’ Architecture function can play within your organisation. Yet, achieving the optimal state can be challenging for a variety of reasons. To bridge this gap, Eliden introduces a suite of ‘as a service’ offerings, underpinned by our three core principles:

1 Agility: “Designed for swift delivery, ensuring rapid, agile responses to facilitate informed decisions.”

2 Value: “A cost-efficient solution, providing a viable alternative to traditional contracts and lengthy consultancy engagements.”

3 Skills: “Our architects excel across all domains, seamlessly integrating with your teams or spearheading initiatives to bridge skill gaps.