IT Recruitment

Specialist to Specialist (S2S) Recruitment ng

We understand the challenge and expense of finding IT talent with the right combination of technical ability, soft skills, and organisational fit.

That’s why we’ve introduced our innovative S2S methodology, leveraging the expertise of experienced IT professionals to source top IT talent. Our approach goes beyond assessing candidates’ technical abilities, combining our team’s hands-on knowledge with AI and machine learning for deeper insights, resulting in a diverse range of qualified candidates.

By avoiding transactional approaches, we ensure our collaborative partnerships and competitive rates save you time, money, and resources in finding the perfect match

IT Transformation Strategy, Cross-functional IT Collaboration

Enterprise, Solution & Security Architects

Balancing the demands of a maturing an architecture function, at the same time as designing transformations, can force your architect’s skill sets to become both deep and wide. Our S2S approach can provide you with validated architects to extend your capabilities, or additional architects to extend your capacity.

Enterprise IT Integration, Strategic IT Investments

Product, Project & Delivery Managers  

As modern businesses continue to digitally transform, it’s crucial to have skilled product and project managers to run and deliver and them.
Our S2S approach ensures that you have the right talent in these roles as your organization grows and services mature